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Unicode Character SPACE (U+0020) - FileFormat.Info

UTF-16 (hex), 0x0020 (0020). UTF-16 (decimal), 32. UTF-32 (hex), 0x00000020 (0020). UTF-32 (decimal), 32. C/C++/Java source code, "\u0020". Python source ...Missing: apps ‎u0020for ‎u0020htcWhitespace character - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia computer science, white space is any character or series of characters that represent ... varied as to how it is encoded, but the most obvious in typing is the ↵ Enter result which creates a newline code sequence in applications programs.

css - What is the effect of content: "\0020"; property? - Stack Overflow

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Charbase U+0020: SPACE

Your Browser. Index, U+0020 (32). Class, Space Separator (Zs). Block, Basic Latin. Java Escape, "\u0020". Javascript Escape, "\x20". Python Escape, u .Missing: apps ‎u0020for ‎u0020htc| space (U+0020) @ and JSON, \u0020. C, C++, and Java, \u0020. Python, \u0020 c. Perl, \x{20} c. Ruby, \u{20} c. CSS, \000020 c ...Missing: apps ‎u0020for ‎u0020htcTor 22, 2016 - ... bajo falda con profesores vids hd gratis · nokia asha 500 sigma apps opera en kh ... sex u0020 com · ahttp www msn com pl pl cobrand lenovo13 msn com ... vk i 2ndx com · facebook u0020for u0020htc · http www bing com ...