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Unicode Character SPACE (U+0020) - FileFormat.Info

UTF-16 (hex), 0x0020 (0020). UTF-16 (decimal), 32. UTF-32 (hex), 0x00000020 (0020). UTF-32 (decimal), 32. C/C++/Java source code, "\u0020". Python source ...

Whitespace character - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4 Computing applications. 4.1 Programming languages; 4.2 Command line user interfaces; 4.3 Markup languages; 4.4 File names. 5 See also; 6 Notes ...

| space (U+0020) @ Graphemica

JavaScript and JSON, \u20. C, C++, and Java, \u0020. Python, \u0020 c. Perl, \x{20} c. Ruby, \u{20} c. CSS, \000020 c. Raw Unicode Data. Key, Name, Value.